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Best Summer Cocktails Of 2022

Are you looking for the best summer cocktail syrups of 2022?

We’re excited to let you in on the best summer cocktails of 2022! Like booze? We know you do! You’re fairly certain the only reason you went to that office party was for the open bar. Yeah, we’ve been there too. Luckily, your woes are over! Liquid Alchemist Cocktail Syrup has your back and officially releases their syrups for the masses of thirsty cocktail enthusiasts (which we’re pretty sure is everyone).

Liquid Alchemist Cocktail Syrups where you get to create amazing drinks! Now these syrups are not just for cocktail recipes, but they can be used in your other favorite drinks and recipes too. These are perfect for your classic cocktails, old fashions, sazeracs, manhattans, gimlets and more. These syrups can be used by advanced mixologists and novices alike! There’s a reason why higher-end cocktail bars use commercial brands of syrups rather than making their own from scratch. While it may seem easier to make your own, the reality is that all of the best cocktail ingredients are mixed in precise measures from a proprietary recipe that yields the best tasting cocktail, each and every time.

Handcrafted in small batches. All-natural ingredients. No artificial sugars, preservatives, or sweeteners. Gluten-Free. Kosher Certified. Your great-grandma would be proud of what we’ve built together here at Small Batch Sippers (and I think she’d really like that name).

Let’s meet our line-up of the best summer cocktail syrups of 2022!

Prickly Pear Cocktail Syrup

Prickly pear cocktail syrup is a great secret to add a little zest or something sweet to your favorite cocktails. It really adds a nice flavor and color that gives new life to your tired old classic drinks.

Margaritas are probably one of my favorite summertime drinks. The prickly pear syrup that is available for cocktails is a perfect addition to many different drinks.

Check out our recipe for a Prickly Pear Margarita

Blood Orange Cocktail Syrup

Our premium blood orange cocktail syrup with its red color and citrus flavor of the blood orange makes it a unique choice. It is robust enough to stand on its own, but should you desire a more assertive flavor, our Blood Orange Syrup can be mixed to taste with whatever dark spirit you choose.

Unlike other blood orange cocktail syrups on the market ours has a balanced taste between bitter and sweet.

Check out our recipe for a Blood Orange Collins

Passion Fruit Cocktail Syrup

A dash of Passion Fruit Syrup in your cold tea or cocktail can take you straight to the island paradise you’re loving every moment of. You’ll wonder how you lived without this syrup before. It’s amazing that with just a simple dash, you’re transported from one place to another. Prepare yourself for the exotic taste and scent of passion fruits because this is just the start of something exquisite that can’t be ignored.

Are you tired of the same flavor teas, sodas, and cocktails? Passion Fruit Syrup brings a tropical flare to your cups and glasses.

Check out our recipe for a Batida Tiki Cocktail

Tamarindo Cocktail Syrup

Tamarindo is a versatile syrup made from a tropical fruit popular in Latin, South-East Asian, North African, and Indian food. If you’re looking to add something different to your food or cocktails, this rising star of syrups is your answer. They’re super easy to make – best of all, they’re all-natural and made with no artificial colors.

Tamarindo Cocktail Syrup has gained popularity in bars and clubs, as well as at backyard BBQs.

If you’ve ever wondered what to serve your guests that’s unique and delicious, look no further. Our award-winning syrup is the secret ingredient to scoring big points with your guests.

We care about the taste of our products and this is why only the best quality ingredients are used to make our syrups. We want make every cocktail drinker happy with their drink, so we put a lot of effort into testing and designing each recipe to be balanced and delicious. And because of this, quality cocktails at home or in your bar has never been this easy!