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Inspiring cocktail
creativity since 2009

Our Story

Founder Randy Tarlow was creating cocktails
back in 2009 when a spark of inspiration hit him...

As a bar professional, he knew all too well the demands of mixing a wide range of popular cocktails for customers night after night. And as a cocktail enthusiast, he understood the home bartender's challenge of sourcing ingredients ​to recreate complex recipes enjoyed at their favorite bars.

Was there a way to make ​craft cocktails easier for bar professionals and cocktail enthusiasts alike? The answer was Yes.

For the bar professional

Randy envisioned a way for busy bartenders to produce craft cocktails efficiently by providing premium syrups that cut time without sacrificing quality. These syrups would also help bar programs save on produce, labor, and production costs.

For the cocktail enthusiast

Randy dreamed of a way to ​simplify the process of recreating popular cocktails by offering premium syrups that were ​easy to use and had a great shelf life.

Lastly, Randy saw a demand in the market for a cocktail syrup with premium ingredients.

He believed bartenders and enthusiasts could benefit from having access to syrups made from natural ingredients in a variety of popular flavors.

Thus Liquid Alchemist was born
to meet all of these goals:

Cocktails Made Easy
in Half the Steps